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– Performance –

Hayley finds great joy in offering her music in any requested context. She will gladly converse with you about your inspirations and visions and hopes to serve you in creating a most memorable occasion.

Hayley’s exquisite harp brings a magical presence to the setting of any large scale or intimate event. Deep full resonance and lightly woven melodies will fill the majestic space of a cathedral, a grand ballroom, or a humming restaurant; it will dance across garden lawns, sing with the waves of the seaside, and peacefully play by a tranquil lake…

In all imaginable settings, Hayley Erin and her Harp are at home and will delight, uplift and soothe the heart and souls of all of your guests.
Hayley’s repertoire is largely her own original Harpistry. Her music, spiritually inspired by the divine beauty of life, will undoubtedly create a heartwarming ambience of grace and joy at every occasion.

In amongst her repertoire are also flavours of jazz, classical, world, popular and folk influences.

In essence, Hayley can arrange and accommodate any requests of favourite pieces to be beautifully performed on Harp.

Hayley also offers Sunshine Coasts very own harp and guitar duo WhipBird to be your lively entertainment. Partnered with guitarist Gary Ward, the duo brings another wonderful musical experience to your event. See below for more about WhipBird.

“Today amazed an bewildered, I have shut the door on thought and turned to music. There are 100  ways to kneel and pray at the alter of the beloved.”

– Rumi

– Ceremonies –

Hayley and her exquisite Harp provide the gentle and sensitive atmosphere to hold a ceremonial space with profound grace. Hayley has extensive experience in playing for gatherings that celebrate life in every way. Blessingways, naming days, momentous birthdays, graduations, marriage and  festivities, to bedside playing, end of life and bereavement and rememberance ceremonies. Hayley will always gladly welcome the  opportunity to warmly converse on how her expertise and versatility will contribute to your ceremony.

Thank you dear Hayley. I felt so blessed by your presence & felt you really held the space so perfectly for us. I’ll be forever grateful that you came with a heart full of love & humility to serve us at this time”. With warmth, H Peri, sunshine coast



– Events –

Hayley and her magnificent harp have entertain a vast and eclectic array of audiences at every kind of event such as corporate functions, lux retreats, product launches, industry exhibitions and gallery openings.

Make an impression and treat your guests with the effortless elegance & stunning visual presence of Hayley Erin and her exquisite  contemporary harp at your special event!

“Hayley Erin displays great sensitivity & warmth where instrument & musician fuse harmoniously to become one…..’enchanting’…’enthralling’….and ‘beautiful’ have been regular responses from audiences….no hesitation in recommending her for any occasion, big or small, worthy of providing something ‘special’.”  – Ian Mackellar, producer/director, NOOSA qld.




– Weddings –

From traditional formal wedding settings to contemporary celebrations, boutique ceremonies or elopements, Hayley considers it a gift to play for your wedding day. 

The versatility of Hayley’s exquisite harp means ease of playing indoors or outdoors, acoustic or amplified, bringing the loving, joyful, elegant atmosphere of beauty and grace to your special day…memories etched in your hearts forever…

Hayley offers pre-ceremony  welcome music as your guests are arriving to the venue, tailored ceremonial music, & post-ceremony music, which can also carry on into canape’s or reception… 

Every wedding is a unique and meaningful ceremony. Hayley is delighted to thoughtfully accommodate and arrange your musical requests to be beautifully performed on Harp.

Hayley offers a variety of bundles to engage the harp for your wedding ceremony, canape’ music or gentle reception music.

Please feel welcome to email or call Hayley to talk about your wedding music, inspirations, visions, & any questions you may need answered!
See Hayley’s insiders guide to chosing a wedding musican on the Sunshine Coast.

Where there is love-there is music”

“Thank you so very very much Hayley. The songs you learnt for us sounded absolutely beautiful and the rest of your music was so magical! I don’t think our wedding day would’ve felt complete without your special touch of harp…it was a dream come true.

Thank you a thousand times again.”

With love, Mr & Mrs Gibbs


“We can’t thank you enough on how perfect the songs and timing were. Brad and I could not have wished for a more magical touch . . .
. . . It was such a memorable day and you have definitely made the difference, we couldn’t be happier that we chose you to play at our wedding ceremony!
Once again, THANK YOU!”

for more reviews see testimonials-


– Whipbird –

“Whipbird, two souls, one song”

When you listen to the serene and soulful sounds of the Whipbird Duo, a joyful and spirited space is created for you to experience something completely different. The music of Whipbird is an invitation, as you lean in and linger,you are held in a blending of rhythms & harmonies flowing in charismatic song.

Renowned Harpist, Hayley Erin, brings a full energetic yet angelic presence, whilst guitarist Gary Ward brings decades of wisdom & opportunity to each song.

Mirroring the iconic australian “Whipbird”, the harp calls to the guitar which intrinsically responds with grounding and soothing tones that spiral the harp in perfect harmony, opening doors for us to wander through and explore other realms.

WhipBird is a Two Piece Outfit that will unmistakably transform and elevate any special event.



Close your eyes and let the magic of WhipBird elevate your spirit as this Divine Duo mix and fuse a delicious blend of musical genres that will see you tapping your feet and beaming ear to ear. To listen to WhipBird is to be touched by the wonder, awe and mystical power of music when it comes from a humble and surrendered heart.”

A. Good, Noosa

About Gary

Mature musician and Electric Bass player Gary Ward has arrived playing guitar in WhipBird, after a lifetime between the experimental and the road well travelled . . . flamboyance & folk, funk & fashion, post modern & post funk . . . never far from innovation & creation Gary finds this duo exhilarating and demanding and ultimately transformative.