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Vibrational & Sound Healing – Sunshine Coast

Every single one of us on the planet, in this day and age, in every moment, benefits from making a CHOICE to BE more conscious, more grounded, & more present, enabling us to live in the modern day world with a sense of peace, awareness, calm, and elevation in our being.

When feeling overwhelmed and stressed, we tend not to make decisions that serve ourselves or those we love, and when living in a state of survival, we don’t have the clarity to even be aware of the choices we are making.
Even those of us living in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, cannot be immune to the pressures of modern life.

One way to enable you to learn and sustain a sense of relaxation, ease and calm through life, is by experiencing and practicing vibrational and sound healing modalities, which use vibrational frequencies, sound and music, to initiate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
The Sunshine Coast has a wonderful variety of qualified practitioners to explore this timeless practice.

“Nada Bramande Tatte Pinde” – all vibrations live within us, as us

The Sanskrit phrase ‘Nada Bramande Tatte Pinde’, meaning ‘everything in the universe is vibration’, brings to light the fact that we are inseperable from the universal harmony of vibrational balance, and that to align our innate human rhythms with the rhythms of the universe, brings our being back into tune, into alignment with our natural state of balance, ease and joy – that of wholeness.


“Vibrational healing and Sound healing are both popular healing modalities that utilize vibrational frequencies to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Whilst the two approaches share many similarities, there are also key differences, of which often vary according to culture and tradition.
Every culture on the globe, for millennia, has at it’s roots, their own tradition of vibrational healing and sound healing – yet it’s a relatively new approach in the western world, and is now rapidly growing in popularity, as science can easily now explain what the ancient traditions, yogi’s and mystics have known, scribed and practiced for thousands of years…..brilliant!!!

Everything in the universe is vibration, the ancients knew this and modern science explains this fact.
Vibration effects vibration, according to laws of entrainment, entrophy (the disorder of energy) and syntropy (the balance and harmony of energy), and these are the principles on which vibrational and sound healing are based on.

Alternate health modalities, from homeopathy and herbal medicine, to bodywork such as chiropractic, osteopathy, and Cranial Sacral Therapy, Eastern practices such as Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, and energy healing and massage of various kinds, are all essentially a vibrational approach to balancing and healing the body. mind, emotions and spirit.

Sound Healing typically includes the use of various vibrational sounding tools and musical instruments that produce a sound frequency the human ear can hear, our nervous system receives, and which penetrates deeply through our bodily tissues and influences our vibrational state at the time. This allows the opportunity to release blockages of energy on all levels, and restore, or re-tune, our being into a state of balance and harmony.

These vibrational sounding tools used in healing is vast and beyond this brief list, but often include:

-human hands and voice
-tuning forks
-singing bowls of eastern origin or crystal origin
-gongs, drums, percussive instruments of various cultural tradition
-harps and stringed instruments of various cultural traditions

It is wonderful and appropriate for this age in evolution that modern research can reflect and prove that vibrational patterns in the nervous system can be triggered by music and sound, and that music and sound frequencies can accompany the liberation of long held debilitating emotions that hold us back from experiencing true health and happiness.
See this paper
Possible Mechanisms for the Effects of Sound Vibration on Human Health from the National Library of Medicine for in depth reading on music, sound frequency and biology!


These combined sounds and touch, such as mentioned above, as vibrational frequencies, induce deep relaxation, of the brain and nervous system, reducing stress in body and mind, and awaken the capacity to shift neurochemistry and neurobiology to promote our innate self-healing potential.

Some of the benefits of receiving vibrational and sound healing may include:

Reduced stress and anxiety            Improved sleep                 Pain relief

Increased energy levels                   Enhanced immune system function

Improved mood                                 Emotional equilibrium                            

Nervous system regulation               Deep inner peace
Awakened potential to embrace life, make change, and open one’s heart


The effectiveness of both vibrational and sound healing modalities may depend on both your specific needs and preferences, your state of receptivity at the time, and also the experience and skill of your practitioner.

When choosing a sound or vibrational healing practitioner, do consider their qualifications, experience, and reputation. Look for practitioners who are certified and have received training from reputable teachers. You can also check their reviews and testimonials to see what other clients have to say about their services.
Another important factor to consider is the type of sound healing therapy they offer. Different practitioners may use different instruments or techniques and traditions, so it’s important to find one that resonates with you and your needs…go with your intuition, that is always wise!
Overall, sound healing can be a powerful tool for promoting relaxation and healing in the body and mind. By choosing the right practitioner for you, you can experience the wonderful benefits of this practice.



As someone who has explored and studied vibrational and sound healing practices I can attest to the transformative power of these therapies.The sunshine Coast offers a great variety of vibrational and sound healing experiences to explore, in private session, group facilitation and workshops.
There is also a variety of retreats available in the area, each offering unique approaches to immersing oneself in healing and self-discovery.

Some retreats that I serve on to both facilitate group Sound Immersions & welcome guests with magical harp music, and that I highly recommend on the sunshine coast are:

Reignite Retreats  Ambassador Booking Link Here

Ripple Healing Retreats

Pure Green, Wellness-Awareness-Connection

Hayley Erin offers each of these options on the Sunshine Coast…..

Hayley is a certified Samvahan vidya vibrational healing practitioner, Yoga Nidra facilitator, musician & yogini.
Samvahan is an ancient Vedic Himalayan tradition of Vibrational Healing, and is a powerful yet gentle modality for self-transformation.
A Samvahan vibrational healing with Hayley typically incorporates vibrations from hands-on light musical style massage (fully clothed), the voice, tools such as tuning forks, tibetan singing bowls, and sound healing from the beautiful frequencies of her healing harp music, played intuitively to the individual in session. If you are not familiar with energy healing, some people find this style similar to the japanese tradition of Reiki.
With great compassion and sensitivity, Hayley encourages you to listen into your body’s own wisdom. Combining grounding  and soothing Samvahan vibrations through the body, the resonance of the harp, bowls, voice and tuning forks, she supports you in truly letting go of that which stands in the way of your own healing. You are here to experience who you truly are, to radiate your divine essence, & share your gifts with the world – making a commitment to change, is a gift in itself to all beings, and deserves deep respect.

You are lovingly invited to experience this unique and gentle healing modality at Hayley’s garden studio in Verrierdale on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Namaste’.