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Wedding Musician on the Sunshine Coast

The musician you choose for this very special day serves to celebrate your love & your future together with their music.

They are creating a life-long soundtrack to your marriage, so be sure you absolutely love what you choose & you have followed your heart in doing so.

Music that makes you happy on the day will definitely make your guests happy too, & will bring a gathering of family and friends from all walks of life together in celebration of what really matters…your love!


“Having Hayley play at our wedding was truly a magical experience. Hayley was so easy to deal with and it elevated the overall wedding ceremony. Our guests are still talking about Hayley and how much it added to the atmosphere as we walked down the isle and playing after our ceremony while we were off getting photos.”     Luke & Ben @Montvale

Heartfelt Memories
What I like to call ‘living music’, music played by a live musician, is essential to your wedding if you are looking to create a unique & memorable atmosphere that is an unforgettable aspect of both yours & your guests experience.
 An elegant ambience that warms your heart & soul, elevates the emotions of the day & evokes memories  forever after is something very special.
Live music is proven to trigger our release of oxytocin & dopamine, both calming & elevating our senses, our mood, our companionship & connections on such a momentous day as your wedding day….hence you will never forget the beauty of the live music you chose for your ceremony, & the high vibes of the dance-party that a fabulous band curated for your reception!
Your wedding music is a personal reflection of who you are & the ambience you would like to create on your special day.


The 3 elements of wedding ceremony music
Music for a wedding ceremony has 3 important essentials. That is, the welcome music, the processional music & the recessional music.
Welcome music does exactly that, it welcomes your guests to the venue, & creates an ambience that invites everyone to relax & settle in to the proceedings of the day – there is often anticipation & nerves that can do with some soothing gentle live music to warm the heart, & a good musician knows exactly how to do that through the energy of their music.
Processional music is very personal, & the couple often like to choose a song that is meaningful to them. They may also have some songs that they definitely don’t want played too! So it is very important to discuss this with your musician.
Another lovely space in a ceremony for a meaningful song is during the signing of the registry.
Recessional music is usually a little more celebratory & upbeat, it lights you up and celebrates the closing of the ceremony & the beginning of a party!
Choices & Resources
There are often logistics involved in the set up of various solo musicians or ensembles, in which a professional musician will inform you of and work with the venue on.
It can be a daunting process to choose from the incredible array of artists we have on the Sunshine Coast, & there is everything from solo musicians to duos, trios, quartets and bands, classical, alternative, jazz, popular, acoustic music and DJ’s… many possibilities!
So once again, be sure you know what kind of music will bring you joy & everlasting loving memories of your wedding day.
You may like to enquire about live music options through other wedding resources.
Some wonderful people & resources amongst many that Hayley Erin collaborates with are:
You may like to enquire directly with the musician, who’s standard of professionalism should always be willing and happy to discuss your individual ideas and possibilities that lie within your budget & time schedule of the days proceedings.
Hayley Erin has over 20 years experience creating magical music as a wedding harpist & professional musician. She believes in celebrating every aspect of life with beautiful music,  & gladly communicates with couples to ensure that you are delighted with your choice of wedding music, & that the process of engaging a live musician is an easeful & joyful one.

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