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  Harp for the HeartHarp music for Sunshine Coast & Brisbane Funeral & Memorial Services

Offering divine harp music for the most tender of life’s occasions is amongst Hayley Erin’s most beloved work.

Live music is a special & memorable way to honour & celebrate the earthly life of your loved one in a rich & meaningful way to the family & friends who are in bereavement.

We intuitively turn to music to support us during times of grief & by inviting living music of a heartfelt nature into the end of life ceremony of your loved one, we are creating a space in which music allows us to FEEL…to feel the natural emotions that accompany death & dying, to feel our hearts, to connect to our loved one in memory, heart & spirit, & let our tears of love & grief flow.

Poignant music of the harp, in it’s ethereal, peaceful nature, lifts & soothes the spirit of the grieving & bereaved-being a source of comfort & peace.

Living music can serve as means of prayer, & in whatever form that may be for you, a most loving atmosphere created by gentle, pure, uplifting music of the harp will carry your prayers of heartfelt connection to your loved one on the wings of harmonious melodies.

The harp is truly graceful, heavenly accompaniment to a variety of services that you may choose from when celebrating the end of life. This may be at the Funeral home, by graveside at a burial site, at memorial  services in nature or during ceremony around the scattering of your loved ones ashes.

Hayley will gladly collaborate with your chosen funeral home, priest or celebrant, to make the journey of inviting light & beauty of the harp to your loved ones end of life celebration, an easeful one.

“We were privileged to have you. Thanks so much for sharing your gift, seamlessly being part of our community for the afternoon & even helping with the little extra things in setting up refreshments. Can see you inherently treat others with a sense of knowing the source of all life, which we appreciate.

Thank you Hayley, it was a beautiful way to conclude the day.

The Lawson Family.

Thank you dear Hayley. I felt so blessed by your presence & felt you really held the space so perfectly for us. I’ll be forever grateful that you came with a heart full of love & humility to serve us at this time”. With warmth, H Peri, sunshine coast

Gratefully captured by TimeFliesByVideography

“Hayley what you did for family & friends of Jess was so beautiful & heartfelt, I can not thank you enough.” K.Ferguson, QLD

Bedside Music for the dying…

Hayley also offers bedside playing on request for your loved one who is close to crossing the threshold of life. Our sense of hearing is the last sense to leave a dying person, & so what our loved ones hear in their last moments should be revered as sacred.

Vibrations of the harp are profoundly harmonising, carrying nurturing & healing benefits to the body, mind, heart & soul. It is an ancient instrument that in many cultures was revered as a bridging between the earthly & heavenly life.

If your loved one is in any kind of pain, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, the gentle, meditative sounds of the harp can bring a deep sense of peace, comfort & solace to the hearts of the dying, also creating a supportive, accepting, loving atmosphere for their carers during what is naturally a very emotional time.

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Hayley welcomes any conversations you would like to have regarding this most important time of celebrating & honouring your loved one with music of the Harp.